to everything there is a season

I have paused for reflection over the past several months regarding the relationships and friendships in my life – And the fact that many of those who consider themselves my friends, aren’t truly friends at all. This fact has made itself very evident recently. And life has some way of weeding itself, leaving only the […]

November 21, 2015

cutie pies

Are these two not the most adorable little cutie pies?! They are the daughters of my high school bestie. It’s amazing to see her beautiful little miniatures. These were some of my favorite images from this session. I love their outfits, and I picked this location based the colors and textures. (be sure and scroll […]

November 20, 2015

hodges hedgehog birthday brag

So, I will soon be blogging about much more than just my client images. It was in my plans over a year ago when I redesigned my site. As you may have noticed, this is the first non-client post ever 🙂 The ‘bragging’ part of the title is not bragging on my mess of a […]

November 18, 2015