November Children’s Special….WARM FUZZIES {for Debi}

It’s all about warm fuzzy hats, scarves, teddy bears, tutus and pettiskirts. Bring your favorite winter apparel, or borrow what I’ve got to choose from. For the girls, funky hats with coordinating scarves and tutus/pettiskirts. For the little men, teddy bear hats. $25 for each sitting will serve as a donation for my dear friend […]

September 26, 2009

Shoot #5 and 6!

Some may say it’s getting excessive, but she’s only a senior once! And her sister is a photographer! Em! Isn’t she gorgeous!?! We had a great time {minus me twisting my ankle…falling…and landing ever so gracefully in the poison ivy…not that it mattered since I was covered in a horrific poison ivy rash already}

September 16, 2009