Luv Luv Luv-ly {senior Karah}

Isn’t she lovely?!! I had such a fun time with Karah and her mom as we miandered about Urbana with props and gear in tote! These are just a few of the shots we got…her second set will be in November with the fall foliage!!

August 22, 2011

products {mini brag books}

Just a reminder of the variety of products I have to offer..these mini brag books are just an example. Accordion fold with images on both the front and back…Magnetic..Sold in sets of three with sleeve protectors. Each custom designed for you. {$65}

August 17, 2011

MINIS {special}…details

Okay! I know..I’ve been hinting about this special for weeks now. I just wanted to let everyone in on it. I’ve become very busy over the past few months (after my short time off). And I regret not being able to squeeze everyone in. Soo, in an effort to make myself available to those of […]

August 8, 2011

{Once a year, whether ya need it or not!}

I am a photographer, and I have three very photogenic children. A few of which like to take pictures..and baths and such(the girls, that is) And, one of which (our only boy) does not! No baths, no pictures…but guess what?! He gets a bath once a day, whether he needs or wants it or not. […]

August 8, 2011

{Brooke + Brett}

Meet Brooke and Brett…an adorable couple that I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago for their engagement shoot. The weather cooperated perfectly and the two of them seem to sparkle in one another’s presence. After editing, I realized that my face hurt..from smiling 🙂 You just can’t help but smile when you […]

August 8, 2011