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My name is Amy Hodges, the creator behind Hodge Podge. I'm a wife, a mother of 3, an imperfect perfectionist. I crave neatness and order but somehow appreciate the beauty in eclectic clutter. I prefer anything old and worn over shiny and new. And, I love shooting people ;)

Someone asked me once if I ever photographed anything for fun. My immediate answer: skies! I've always been drawn to texture and light, not only in my photography career but as a floral designer. One day not long after this question was posed, each piece finally seemed to fit together: Yummy, golden-hour light. Beautifully epic sky views. Texture. Connection - All of these elements marry to create cinematic, wall-worthy pieces of art, featuring your beautiful face <3


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note: all of my social media accounts are deactivated until further notice