Christmas cards have kinda become my ‘thing’ over the past few years. Once upon a time, we couldn’t afford to print them, let alone pay for the postage to mail them out. So you might say that I’m making up for lost time. This year I kept it pretty simple with a flat card, but I adore this custom shape. Complete with coordinating wrap-around address labels. Keep your eyes peeled in 2019 for templates to make your own cards…I started this project over a year ago and it got put on hold for another more pressing design project called Flourish, you might have heard about it 🙂

Yes! I said scented. All 150 of my addressed cards are currently basking in a cardboard box full of Young Living Believe and Cinnamon Bark oils. *love* If you want some of your own essential oils, get started here.

Special thanks to the very talented Miss Liz from Cherrybird Photography for the images of my family that I will forever cherish.

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