I discussed in one of my previous blog posts, finally having the time to start my Etsy shop. Well, that time ended up being spent on a totally different project. A project that I had started over a year ago and then set aside because it was very time-consuming and overwhelming. My Young Living Organization was in need of an affordable sharing tool for intro classes. One that not only contained all of the pertinent information, but that was also aesthetically pleasing. I felt a little nudge in February to try and finish what I had started. So, I sent a message to my friend, Madison Goodyear, in hopes that she would want to help me. She said yes and the rest is history! The stars lined up for us almost every step of the way. We have been very blessed. This tool that we dreamed of specifically for our organizations is now published and available to all Young Living members (and non members as well) – Officially released on Saturday!

I just got back last night from a trip from promoting the booklet at Young Living’s 2017 International Grand Convention. I thought I would sleep all day, but instead I have been doing lawn work – it’s one of those favorite activities that seem to ground me – always time for reflection. I reflected about the journey Madison and I have had, and the excitement of selling thousands of books before they were even officially released. I was spending time being thankful for the blessings. Pondering future projects and my future in general. I realized I am now a published author and designer. And it dawned on me – A few years ago someone said to me, “You should try reading a book and stop playing with scissors and glue!” Read a book? I created one! I say this, not to gloat, but to officially {release} the emotions associated with that toxic conversation. I thought I already had, until they resurfaced today in my self-reflection. I hurried inside to apply Release Essential Oil and post this little ditty. #theresanoilforthat

You can purchase Flourish booklets directly from our publisher at Growing Healthy Homes.
Keep up with Madison and I on our Seed & Soul Adventures Facebook page or visit our website, Seed &Soul Adventures

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