I like routine, but sometimes things just need to be changed up a bit.  Every year I try and step back a bit to absorb how my previous year went and consider what changes need to be made in order to better the coming year.  I have been trying to achieve a balance with my photography design business and with family for some years now.  I usually refer to balance as the B- word, lol, because it’s not easy, but I’m getting better as each year passes.  I am blessed as a business owner to have the liberty to make adjustments when needed, but I like to have a plan for each year so that those changes come as no surprise to my clients.  So there are things that will be different:

My available session appointments will be much more limited this year.  So, if you thought it was hard to get on my schedule in previous years, then you really need to plan ahead this year.  I have a few reasons for this, the number one reason is so that I can be a better mom.  Since limiting my schedule, I have been less stressed, and my kids have been much happier with a tentative mommy.  I am also finally getting started with my Etsy shop and will need more time to get it up and running.  I have wanted to do this for years, and have never ‘had time’.  I am finally making it a priority.  I will be creating digital designs, primarily templates for photographers.  Eventually you may even see some Young Living Business tools as well, but for now my focus is on templates and digital art for photoshop users and creatives.

I am also wanting to hone in on my niche as a photographer.  I want to primarily shoot what I especially love shooting:  Couples, Seniors, Maternity and Beauty sessions for women.  I find the most creative freedom with these types of sessions, which in turn, always yields my best work.  Family and Children Sessions will be available as {Simplicities} Sessions this year:  April 6th-8th in a blooming Apple Orchard just east of Bolivar and October 19th-21st with evergreens and patio lights for a tree farm feel.  Slots will be up for grabs asap by emailing me at hodgepodge@live.com.  I will be announcing specific details in a blog post soon.

I am also now available for weddings again!  After so many requests that I reluctantly turned away in the past, I revisited the idea and have come up with a few changes.  For most weddings, I will now be shooting with a second photographer:  Michelle is masterly with the camera and lighting, possessing a clean authentic style.   She has a great eye for capturing the whole of the event, while I have a knack for all the tiny details.  Our combination is the perfect duo for weddings.  Because of my detail-oriented, introverted tendencies, I am also offering Intimate Wedding/Elopement Sessions.  These are specifically for weddings or elopements with 50 or fewer guests.  This allows for more creative time with the bride and groom, beyond the chaos of traditional weddings.  Less chaos means more intimate, more meaningful, more creative images of the bride and groom and their blessed occasion.  Email me for wedding prices.

I look forward to a year of especially creative, quality sessions.  The changes in my scheduling should allow for more focus and planning for each individual session, and less chaos for me, which should produce a better quality product for you, my clients.  If you have questions or are ready to book your 2017 Session, email me at hodgepodge@live.com



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