Hello There Lovelies!

My name is Amy Hodges - First and foremost, I am the wife of an unbelievably gracious husband, and the mother of three adorable, yet often hoodlum, children.

Then...a professional photographer? Well, really, I hate to call myself such, although, since people pay me, I guess theoretically I am. It all happened by accident after one too many less-than-pleasurable experiences with 'professionals' who lacked in creativity and patience. After which, my husband bought me my first digital camera, and the rest is history!

A designer? Yes, most definitely! Whether it be graphic, floral or interior, my heart is happy when I am creative. I received my floral design certification nearly 18 years ago, and have been involved in the industry since. I love fresh medium and seem to be drawn to what I call 'vintage glamor' (a delicious combo of rustic and chic).

I also have a hodge podge of other knacks,interests and certifications including essential oils & clean living, authoring and designing a few published books and resources about said oils, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS) and Certified Aromatherapy Coach (CAC). You can peruse my site for further information on these subjects.

Meet Amy

"god creates the beauty. My camera and I are the witness."