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Hello there Lovelies!

My oldest asked for a vintage themed birthday. That I can do! I don’t go all out on birthdays..I try to make them as simple as possible while still making my kiddos feel special. We have dinner and cake with family and friends. I usually make their cake (which, sometimes isn’t simple for me), and […]

As most of you know, I am an oiler: essential oils that is. In some of my research I have learned what horrible chemicals are in the items we use on a daily basis, including our laundry detergents. For the past year or so I have slowly been eliminating these chemicals from our home. We […]

Finally posting some of my favorites from Morgan’s senior sessions. These images are from two of the three sessions she had. You can view her first session on the Meet Morgan blog post. She is such a sweetheart and my husband and I have grown to love her entire family. We had such a great […]

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (follow me here), know that I recently started back on my active routine. I won’t get into all the details on this post of why I had to give my body a break, but it’s been months since I have been active. Our December weather has been […]

We squeezed this maternity session in and I’m so glad Mamma Kristen will never regret skipping the chance. We used the shabby feel of the prairie along with the vintage lace to coordinate with the chic decor of Baby K’s nursery. These images of her gorgeous mamma will fit perfectly in her room I’m sure. […]

I have paused for reflection over the past several months regarding the relationships and friendships in my life – And the fact that many of those who consider themselves my friends, aren’t truly friends at all. This fact has made itself very evident recently. And life has some way of weeding itself, leaving only the […]

Are these two not the most adorable little cutie pies?! They are the daughters of my high school bestie. It’s amazing to see her beautiful little miniatures. These were some of my favorite images from this session. I love their outfits, and I picked this location based the colors and textures. (be sure and scroll […]

So, I will soon be blogging about much more than just my client images. It was in my plans over a year ago when I redesigned my site. As you may have noticed, this is the first non-client post ever 🙂 The ‘bragging’ part of the title is not bragging on my mess of a […]

I got to spend several hours with these love birds. Katie had several ideas and we managed to successfully cram them all into one session 🙂 Looking forward to this wedding! Congratulations you two!

I love it when I have clients that live outside the box! When discussing ideas for his shoot, I said, “I feel it may be necessary to find a vintage Volkswagen van.” And what do you know!? Kent and his mom happened to know someone with not just one, but two of them! Thanks so […]

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